I’m sure you have heard of a project manager before, but when it comes to understanding what a project manager does, people often have a misconceived notion as to the role one plays.

In this article, I’d like to address the responsibilities of a project manager so that you can fully grasp the knowledge that I bring to the table in order for me to help manage your next project!

Project Manger’s Role and Responsibilities

The project manager’s role is to oversee the subcontractorsto make sure that the work is not only done correctly, but it is done according to the plan, that the subcontractors stick to a timely schedule, and that they do not exceed the designated budget.

Like an architect, the project manager is the owner’s representative, overseeing and looking out for the owner’s best interest at all times.

As a project manager, I may perform the same services that an architect can provide if hired to handle construction documents, bidding, and administrative duties. I also work closely with the architect to ensure that everything is built out as it was designed.

I can help evaluate plans, find and solicit bids from subcontractors, and help negotiate terms with subcontractors, handle permits and inspections, as well as approve change orders. You would consider this an advisory role as I help the owner make his/her final decisions.

Why Should You Hire A Project Manager?

If you want to act as your own general contractor, but don’t have extensive construction and project management experience or want to save time and money, then hiring a project manager is the best solution. Hiring someone like myself can provide a second set of eyes and ears on the job site, troubleshoot job-site issues, and keep everyone on task. Jobs that rely heavily on subcontractors work, but also require a good deal of coordination on the job site are the type of jobs I’m looking manage. In addition, a project manager will save money in the long run.

If you’d like to learn more about the services that I can provide for your next project, please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a free consult.

I’d love the opportunity to learn more about you, the challenges you may be facing, and how I might be able to solve those challenges for you.

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