At CTG Real Estate Services, we consider ourselves to be a resource for those interested in commercial real estate. However, while we hope you’re following all of our posts, we’re certainly not the only team out there running a commercial real estate blog. Since we’re all about making sure our clients have access to the best — whether that’s properties, advice or unbiased information — we’ve rounded up a list of some of the blogs that we find most helpful. Whether you’re thinking about investing, wondering how to improve your properties, or just curious about the world of commercial real estate, the following sites should definitely be on your radar:

 1. CBRE Blueprint

Blueprint is an online magazine presented by CBRE that covers commercial real estate across the globe and includes insights from urbanists and activists as well as commercial real estate powerhouses. This is a great resource for learning about how commercial real estate affects businesses, cities and humanity.

2. Urban Land

Urban Land is the magazine run by the Urban Land Institute. While the physical edition of the magazine is published four times each year, the online edition is updated almost daily with insights about real estate and how land in the United States — as well as in the rest of the world — is being used.

3. Market Share

Market Share is the blog for the NAIOP, or the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. It publishes news articles and editorials about commercial real estate, either by NAIOP staff or by submissions which are approved by NAIOP staff. Expect to see analysis of current commercial real estate trends as well as commentary on problems in the development industry.

4. TheBrokerList

TheBrokerList is an online community that allows commercial real estate professionals to join, create profiles and contribute viewpoints and articles to a blog. In addition to providing information and education, it can serve as an opportunity for professionals to network and grow their businesses.

5. CBC Worldwide

Coldwell Banker Commercial is a vast network of independently owned real estate companies, but they put out a very helpful blog as well. Focusing on topics like industry trends and what to expect of commercial real estate within the coming years, the site can be helpful to get a pulse on what other commercial real estate professionals are honing in on.

6. Honest Buildings

Honest Buildings is a project management platform for real estate owners to track a project’s timeline and budget. It’s no surprise, then, that its blog is directed primarily towards those same real estate owners, but tips on tracking projects and how to be more efficient can help everyone in the commercial real estate industry.

7. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is a tool designed to help those interested in real estate investing with content, tools and an online community. While the members of that community have varying levels of experience and finesse, the commercial real estate blog category offers plenty of tips and tricks — particularly when it comes to multifamily investing — and is helpful whether you wish to join or not.


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