At CTG Real Estate Services, we can help you find just about any property you’re looking for. However, when we say we specialize in commercial and multifamily properties, sometimes this prompts some questions. What exactly does that entail?

It can mean a lot of things, and in no way are we restricted to the following list. If you’re interested in any of the following properties, though, CTG can certainly help:

  • Office Building

Whether you’re looking for a setup in a modest professional building or a skyscraper downtown, CTG Real Estate Services can help you find the perfect space to meet your company’s needs. We specialize in both sides of the turnkey real estate equation. This means we can help you find a property that’s fully renovated and ready to move in (already turnkey), or we can work with you to transform an older space into the perfect office (making it turnkey).

  • Hotels

Whether you’re interested in investing with a group or by yourself, CTG Real Estate Services is always networking with others in the hotel industry and can help to find the perfect location for a boutique hotel or a new location of a larger chain.

  • Retail Space and Restaurants

Finding the perfect property for a retail store or restaurant can be extremely tricky, partially because of the sheer overwhelming amount of choices. Size, location, concept, number of other tenants in an area — all of these factors are extremely important when choosing a spot for a store or restaurant. CTG Real Estate services can help you to identify exactly what will be important to your customer base and how to find the perfect store to cater to them.

  • Apartment Complexes

When it comes to finding the right apartment complex, it’s not just about finding the right building. It’s about renovations, hiring management teams, adding amenities, choosing utilities providers, and more. CTG Real Estate Services can help to walk you through every step of the process.

  • Townhome Complexes

While the process for finding a townhome complex to invest in may be similar to the search for an apartment complex, there are different factors to consider as well. While you may be able to charge more, you’ll need more land for more units. CTG Real Estate Services can help you to determine whether an apartment or a townhome complex makes more sense for you and your needs.


Interested in getting the wheels turning on your next investment project? Contact CTG Real Estate Services today at 816-694-4175.

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