Choosing a Multifamily Realtor or Consultant Who is Right for You

Buying and leasing multifamily properties to make a profit can be a complicated process — but you can avoid many of the unknowns and complexities by working with a multifamily realtor.

So, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Let CTG Real Estate Services be your first call. Our CEO and founder Chris Gardner is an experienced realtor in the multifamily real estate industry, and he can provide the guidance you need through every step of building your multifamily real estate business. Our services extend beyond just finding a space and signing a sale contract; we will lend you unparalleled professional guidance from start to finish for your property’s continued success.

Learn more about multifamily realtors — and our company’s services — below.

Why Work with A Multi-Family Realtor or Consultant?

People commonly ask, “Why do I need a multifamily realtor?”

While it’s true that prospective investors can complete the steps of finding and preparing a space for lease on their own, it’s also true that the services offered by a multifamily realtor or consultant are invaluable to first-time and experienced investors alike. Each multifamily real estate investment is unique — and only a multifamily real estate consultant is experienced in all the potential issues and complexities that may arise.

You may or may not know that building a successful multifamily real estate business involves much more than finding a space. However, a multifamily realtor knows this and can guide you through each of the important steps to prepare your space for maximum leasing and profit. These professionals also have access to all the vendors you need to best renovate, redesign and manage your new real estate property after your sale is finalized.

What else do multifamily realtors offer? A network of potential spaces — listed and unlisted — that you can’t access yourself as a potential investor. Working with a multifamily real estate consultant will give you more available properties at a cheaper price and with less competition than if you were to search on your own.

What does it all boil down to? A multifamily realtor can help you find the best space for you as quickly as possible — saving you time, money and peace of mind.

How Do You Choose a Multifamily Realtor?

Now that you know why you need a multifamily realtor, you’ll need to determine which professional is best for you. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult — but not if you know exactly which services you need.

Many multifamily realtors focus on the buying and selling of multifamily properties. They will help prospective investors like you identify your asset criteria, locate potential spaces and complete the legal sale contract. Once the contract is complete, many of these professionals’ services will be complete, too.

But, what if you want more from your multifamily realtor?

Your multifamily realtor doesn’t have to just guide you through the search and purchase process. There are multifamily realtors who will guide you through all the steps after your purchase, as well. If you are interested in these services, make sure you choose a multifamily realtor who will offer them.

CTG Real Estate Services will fit the bill.

Why Work with CTG Real Estate Services?

With our team, you will get more than a basic multifamily realtor; you will receive a partner in your process of finding, buying, renovating and preparing your multifamily property. CTG Real Estate Services prides itself on going beyond the expected, offering you unique turnkey solutions you won’t find with other professionals.

Here’s what that includes:

When you work with CTG Real Estate Services, we will tailor our services to exactly what you need. Chris Gardner has access to trusted vendors, contractors and property managers to help ensure the success of your new real estate business. His network of vendors and prospective sellers is always expanding, offering you unparalleled access to appropriate professionals.

This access includes hundreds of unlisted prospective multifamily properties, thanks to our team’s unique partnership with financial lenders across the country. These lenders present potential properties to our team at a cheaper cost and with less competition, giving you a better chance of finding the perfect property for your asset criteria. You cannot access these properties without CTG Real Estate Services as your realtor for multifamily estates.

All of our services combine to make sure that you are satisfied with our team’s work from start to finish. Our professionals’ personal touch and direct partnership with you throughout the process ensures that your needs and wants always come first. We promise to take the time to get to know you and your goals to create the best possible results for you.

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