How to Hire the Right Maintenance Management Services

Let CTG Real Estate Services Be Your Guide

There are only a few certainties when it comes to the real estate industry, but one thing is for sure: Something will break.

While you can’t predict exactly when that will happen, you can take steps to ensure you are ready when it does.

We call this “maintenance management.” It’s a crucial part of long-term planning in any real estate space, whether commercial or multifamily. By predicting and preparing for any maintenance that must be done ahead of time, tenants and owners can give themselves the peace of mind knowing they will save energy and expenses.

There are many maintenance management services out there — so how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

The professionals at CTG Real Estate Services will always answer your questions to help you make this decision. Below, you’ll find some of the answers to the most common queries we receive about this topic.

What is Maintenance Management?

Maintenance management is the process through which tenants or owners of a real estate space can prepare for future failures or inefficiencies in maintenance procedures. It’s essentially a plan for the management of maintenance services and needs should they ever be required — and they will eventually be required.  Having a plan in place will drastically cut down on the time, money and energy spent remedying those situations.

There are typically two functions of maintenance management:

  1. To prepare for any necessary maintenance and repairs to a real estate property
  2. To reduce failures and inefficiencies with regular preventative steps

Each real estate property is different, which means a great deal of foresight must be put into creating a maintenance management plan and choosing vendors for future repairs. Effective maintenance management can only be accomplished if plans are set in place far in advance of any needed repairs — describing exactly who will be responsible and how the maintenance will proceed.

Still, some owners and tenants put aside maintenance and management planning until it’s too late. Don’t let that be you; let CTG Real Estate Services guide you through this process.

How Do I Choose Maintenance Management Services?

Maintenance management solutions are known as computerized maintenance management systems — CMMS for short. Because there are so many to choose from, our founder and CEO Chris Gardner can offer his consulting skills to help you find the best one for your needs.

For some tenants, choosing a maintenance management program has already been handled for them. In case repairs are needed in their space, they simply call their landlord, who takes care of all necessary steps.

However, other tenants (and all building owners) will need to hire a maintenance project management provider on their own. The importance of maintenance management goes beyond having systems in place should repairs be necessary; it’s also crucial to save money and receive contracted rates from professionals, rather than pay the hourly rate for a last-minute service call. Effective maintenance management also involves regularly schedule preventative maintenance to critical systems, like:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Communications

If any of these systems were to fail, the actions of an entire organization could quickly come to a halt.

Choosing a CMMS is more than understanding the meaning of maintenance management; it’s evaluating exactly how these services should be applied to your organization’s and property’s needs. If you’re new to this process, this can be overwhelming — but working with a professional consultant like CTG Real Estate Services can help.

These professionals have access to and experience with many computerized maintenance management systems. They will discuss your organization’s needs and priorities with you to determine which system is best for your goals, including your preferences for scheduling repairs, your budget for those repairs, and any necessary compliance with landlord and federal requirements.

Choosing a provider for your maintenance management process is more than just selecting one particular program. It involves an at-times complicated process of creating requests for proposals and obtaining service bids — not just from CMMS providers but also from the vendors you will need to carry out any maintenance and repairs.

Other CMMS consultants may not be able to guide you through all of those steps. CTG Real Estate Services can.

Why Consult with CTG Real Estate Services for Effective Maintenance Management?

CTG Real Estate Services offers unique services that not all real estate companies can — more than 20 years of experience in every aspect of the real estate development process, from finding a space to making long-term plans after move-in. Our expertise informs our consultations on maintenance management solutions, further helping you find the right program for you.

Our founder and CEO Chris Gardner works with clients to find room for improvement in existing maintenance management plans, to put capital programs in place to address maintenance needs, to identify cost-saving measures and programs, to consult on CMMS software, and to provide a wide range of maintenance consulting services.

When you work with our company, you will not be left to complete the process of RFPs and vendor contracts on your own. As part of our turnkey real estate solutions, we will assist you through this stage of your maintenance management solutions, as well as through any other steps you may still need to complete.

Chris Gardner has been in your shoes, and he can guide you with an experience and personal touch that few other consultants have. Your needs will always come first, and our team will make sure that they are addressed with professional care.

We know how important proper strategic maintenance management is to the continued success and productivity of your organization. Let us help you get there.

Schedule a consult with our team today to learn more about the services we can offer.


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