Pros and Cons of Facilities Management

Hiring facility management services is a big decision. After all, in doing so, you’re trusting the management and running of your day-to-day services to another party. In many ways, your choice of professional can be a make-or-break for your company.

CTG Real Estate Services knows how monumental this choice is. That’s why we encourage all potential facility management clients to do thorough research on the facilities management process — before even beginning the search for a facility management professional.

Key to this research is understanding the importance of facility management. Below, we’ve listed out some benefits and disadvantages of total facilities management to assist you in your knowledge-gathering. Once you know what facilities management is, then you can decide whether it’s really right for your property or business.

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Benefits of Facility Management: Why is Facilities Management Important?

At the end of the day, the importance of facilities management services at a particular property or organization will always depend upon the goals and preferences of the client. We’ve found that larger properties in particular benefit from this service; the size of the building and number of facility responsibilities are why facilities management is important to them.

If you’re considering whether this management service is right for your space, you should be aware of these proven benefits of facility management:

1. Ensures that the premises and tenants are safe

When it comes to real estate spaces, there are a great number of codes and regulations that must be followed. Facility managers are aware of and experienced in these regulations, and they will bring that expertise to your space. Your manager will ensure that all equipment is functioning safely, that scheduled care and upkeep is followed through with, that all surfaces and systems are prepared for weather, and more. Overall, a good facility management program makes sure that your space is maintained at a level that keeps your tenants and employees safe and happy.

2. Maintains top efficiency in property systems and services

The importance of facilities management services extends beyond just ensuring the day-to-day; the best facility management professionals will incorporate maintenance and upkeep, as well. CTG Real Estate Services is among the professionals that offer maintenance management, which means that your facility management services will include preventative maintenance of your systems. This will keep your equipment operating at top efficiency and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

3. Minimizes the cost of running a space

Why is facilities management important? Because it brings all of your facilities services under one management head. When you have one person running all of your day-to-day activities (and managing the vendors who complete them), you have one main pair of eyes on your expenses and budget. Overlap and redundancy of services can be eliminated, and your bottom line will reflect this new efficiency.

4. Streamlines responsibilities and tailors services to individual needs

Facilities management is not a “one-size-fits-all” industry. But, when you hire individual vendors, it can be hard to find a professional who takes your needs and goals into account for a single service. Working with a facilities manager allows you to be involved in creating an overall facilities management plan, which will be tailored to your property or organization. You will have the benefit of knowing that your facilities are managed by someone with a deep understanding of your space and what it really needs to succeed.

5. Allows property or business managers to focus on what is important to them

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of facilities management is the opportunity it gives property and business managers to focus on their own responsibilities — without the added stress of maintaining day-to-day facility operations. Instead of stressing about the more complicated aspects of facility management, they can rest easy knowing those are handled by an experienced professional.

Disadvantages of Total Facilities Management: Why it May Not Be Right for You

Hiring a facility management professional may not work best for every space and every business. Before hiring management services for your property, consider whether these disadvantages may apply to your situation:

1. Can be costly for smaller organizations

Smaller organizations may find that the services offered in facilities management are overkill for their smaller space and fewer day-to-day requirements. For them, it may make more financial sense to outsource to a few different professionals, rather than hire a professional who offers more than the organization may need.

CTG Real Estate Services is happy to discuss our facilities management fees in more detail, should you wish to learn more.

2. Loss of control for property managers

By nature, hiring facilities management services means handing off responsibilities to a third party. Some property and business managers are not comfortable with this change, no matter how experienced a facility manager may be.

A certain degree of trust must be involved to enable effective facilities management. If letting a facility manager maintain your day-to-day operation is too stressful or complicated for you, it may not be the best choice for your business.

3. Risks to security and confidentiality

In order for a facility manager to do his or her job, some secure information about the building and its systems must be made available. The confidential information that needs to be shared will always be detailed in a contract, and any penalties for breaches will always be addressed. However, as there is with any sharing of information to a third party, there is always the potential for security breaches of sensitive information. While this is one of the rarer disadvantages of total facilities management, it is still something important to keep in mind.

The professionals at CTG Real Estate Services are always here to answer your questions about the benefits and disadvantages of total facilities management for your situation. Our CEO and founder Chris Gardner has more than 20 years of real estate experience — and he has been in your shoes as a former property manager. He can always help you figure out what is right for your property, whether it’s full facility management or another service that’s part of our turnkey solutions.

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