What is Integrated Facilities Management?

Managing a space or building requires a lot of different moving parts. Many facility managers take an approach called “single-service facilities management,” in which they outsource parts of the facilities management process to independent entities.

While this can be helpful for those who are inexperienced in certain aspects of facilities management, it can become a mess when more and more independent contractors are involved. If you are managing a larger space or are responsible for a rapidly growing organization, single-service facilities management may not work for you.

On the other hand, integrated facilities management likely will.

Integrated facility management is a fairly new way of conducting facility management services, but it’s the growing method of choice among the top facilities management professionals. It offers many benefits in comparison to single-service facilities management and will make your life — whether you’re a property or business manager — much easier.

CTG Real Estate Services is proud to offer integrated facilities management services as part of our turnkey solutions. To discuss your property’s individual needs with our team, please schedule a consult today.

In the meantime, learn a bit more about integrated facility management below.

Looking for an Integrated Facilities Management Definition?

If the only kind of facility management you know is single-service facility management, you may be asking:

What is integrated facilities management?

While every professional’s description of integrated facility management will be slightly different based on the services they offer, there is one generally accepted concept of integrated facilities management. In short, integrated facilities management involves consolidating many (if not all) of the necessary property-related services and processes under one contract and management team. Rather than outsource different needs to different professionals, facility managers who take this approach try to minimize the number of professionals used.

From a property manager standpoint, integrated facilities management may simply mean hiring one experienced facility manager — such as CTG Real Estate Services — to manage all facility responsibilities. Doing so brings all the decision-making processes, data measurements, and reporting needs under one manager’s responsibility.

In short, integrated facilities management ensures all your facility needs are being handled by an experienced professional in the most efficient and streamlined way possible.

What are the Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management?

While it’s a new way of conducting facility management, integrated facility management is quickly becoming a popular option for property and office managers.

Why? There are a few major benefits of integrated facilities management for most spaces. Here’s what integrated facility management services can do for you:

  • Streamline internal and vendor-facing communication: It’s no secret that communication can be one of the toughest aspects of any real estate project. Facilities management is no different — perhaps even more complicated, due to the many responsibilities involved in this process. But, when one manager is responsible for every service, and the vendors for those services are condensed, communication is noticeably improved.
  • Simplify the management of day-to-day operations: Even daily responsibilities can become stressful when there are many vendors and managers involved in different systems. Integrated facilities management makes these daily tasks easier by putting them under the responsibility of one manager with the know-how to simplify them all.
  • Improve productivity and wellness across the property: When one manager is in charge of all facility management responsibilities, it automatically reduces redundancy and potential overlap of professionals and services. Your facility manager will have a single budget for your integrated facilities management, which will reduce your materials and vendor costs.
  • Allows your tenants or business to focus on the bigger picture: If you’re a property or office manager, keeping your facilities running on top of keeping your organization running can be a tall order. But, when you use integrated facilities management services, you can focus on your first priority and keep that running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Let CTG Real Estate Services Provide Your Integrated Facility Management

With only 33 percent of facilities managers currently offering integrated facility management services, how do you find a facilities management professional who can provide the best services for your needs?

Look no further than CTG Real Estate Services.

Our CEO and founder, Chris Gardner, has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, and that includes every aspect of facilities management. He can create a facilities management plan for your space that is tailored to your organization’s needs and wants — whether integrated facilities management or single-service facilities management is best for you. When you work with him, your priorities will always come before the bottom line, and you will always be a partner in the management process.

In addition to integrated facility management services, CTG Real Estate Services is happy to offer unique turnkey solutions for your property and business. What does this mean? It means that our team will be there to support you through every step of your real estate journey, including by offering any services you need in addition to integrated facilities management. This can include:

Interested? Ready to create an integrated facilities management plan that works for your space and needs? Schedule a consult with our team today.

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