How Much Does Facilities Management Cost?

For someone unfamiliar with facilities management, this real estate service can seem like a black hole into which thousands of dollars are poured — for an outsourced professional to do the same thing that a property manager could do themselves. Many businesses, after looking at the upfront cost of this service, end their research before getting any further.

But, this doesn’t tell the whole truth of facilities management costs. In fact, facilities management is a service that can save your company thousands of dollars over time!

We know that there is a lot of confusion and panic out there when it comes to facility management pricing. That’s why CTG Real Estate Services is dedicated to transparency with our facilities management costs structure. Every client is directly involved in the creation of a facilities management plan that meets their budget and goals; you won’t be surprised with hidden costs.

To discuss facility management pricing for your space, you can always schedule a consult with our CEO and founder Chris Gardner. In the meantime, learn a bit more about facilities management costs below.

How We Calculate Facilities Management Costs

When it comes to facilities management, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. There is no singular facility management pricing structure, either.

Facilities management is a service that is highly dependent on a space’s characteristics and a client’s needs. It’s impossible to provide a cost estimate for facilities management of a space before knowing everything about it. How big is the space? How many employees or tenants occupy it? What are the client’s goals and budget? All of these questions have to be answered before facility management costs can be discussed in detail.

There is also an important aspect that must be considered: life-cycle costs.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from potential clients is the upfront cost of facilities management. But, many of these concerns don’t take into account long-term goals and budget. While facilities management concerns the day-to-day operations of a space, it’s just as important that any facilities management plan takes into account long-term goals, too. This is the only way that effective facilities management can be implemented.

There are three different parts to life-cycle facilities management costs:

  • First Costs: Capital investment, purchase and installation costs
  • Future Costs: Energy operating, maintenance, capital-replacement and financing costs
  • Resale: Future salvage or disposal costs over the life of the project, product or facility

In other words, the best facilities management pricing will include the cost of ownership of these services — not just the initial purchase cost. Instead of simply looking at the lowest initial cost, CTG Real Estate Services will determine the best pricing for your budget over a period of time by looking at the expected life of current and proposed systems, anticipated maintenance and repair, and more.

Before we provide any kind of facilities management costs estimates to a client, we will take these aspects into account and ensure that we are creating the best plan for that client’s needs and budget. Our services may be more expensive than others at the start, but that’s because we are dedicated to implementing systems that will help your space more productive and efficient in the future to come.

The best way to learn what your facility management pricing might be is to contact us today. Our team of experienced facility managers stands ready to help you create the best plan for your property or space.

What are Some Cost-Saving Ideas for Facility Management?

So, how does CTG Real Estate Services ensure the best facilities management pricing for your space?

By suggesting and implementing certain cost-saving ideas for facility management.

Chris Gardner has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, which means he’s seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective, sustainable facilities management. Along the way, he’s developed a few strategies to reduce clients’ facilities management costs — without reducing the quality of services they receive.

1. Sustainable Systems and Services

Chris Gardner is committed to sustainable solutions with every aspect of real estate management — but especially with facilities management. Not only are these solutions good for the environment, but they are also good for the property owner’s bottom line.

While the facilities management costs of implementing sustainable solutions such as solar panels and high-efficiency appliances can be more at the beginning, they will save your business money over time — and make your facilities management services operate more effectively.

2. Integrated Facilities Management

Another way to reduce facilities management costs is to use integrated facilities management. In traditional single-service facilities management, a property manager will typically outsource services to many different professionals. However, this can lead to overlap and redundancy in services.

Integrated facilities management, on the other hand, can streamline your facilities management process. When you hire a facility manager such as Chris Gardner, he will condense your services into as few professionals as possible. His oversight of all your services will prevent redundancy and eliminate unnecessary costs — bringing down your overall facilities management costs, in turn.

3. Long-Term Capital and Maintenance Planning

As mentioned above, effective facilities management is not conducted on a short-term basis. It must take into account the future of a space and its tenants to be as productive as possible.

Not all facilities managers will take this factor into account — but you can be sure that Chris Gardner will. CTG Real Estate Services offers unique turnkey solutions that includes long-term capital planning and maintenance management. We can use these skills while crafting your facility plan. With our guidance, your facilities management won’t just be great right now; you will be paving the way for a more productive future for your space and your organization.

Want to learn more about our facilities management services or receive an estimate for your facility management pricing? Schedule a consult with our team today.

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