Let Chris Gardner Be Your Building or Corporate Facilities Management

If you’re considering hiring building facilities management services, you may have a few big questions:

What kind of facilities management is right for my space?

How does facility management in real estate work?

Is there such a thing as residential or corporate facilities management?

Don’t worry — CTG Real Estate Services is here to guide you through your facilities management process. Whatever your situation and personal goals, there is a space or building facilities manager for you.

Below, you can learn a bit more about all of our building management facilities services, depending on what space you are in and what your personal needs and expectations are. We encourage anyone with specific questions about our tailored services to schedule a consultation with our team today.

At CTG Real Estate Services, we are here to help you get the answers you need — and we’re happy to guide you in your upcoming facilities management journey.

What’s Included in Our Building Management Facilities Services

There’s one thing you should know before getting any further in your search for a facility manager.

You’ve probably come across a lot of specific terms when it comes to facilities management: building and facilities management, real estate facility management, commercial property facilities management, and more. The truth is that many of these different types of facility management include the same services; they just are slightly specialized for the space that a client has.

If you are a property manager looking for a facility manager for your space, you are looking for building facilities management. Regardless of whether your space has a residential or commercial focus, building facilities management includes the same kind of services to keep your property running smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis. These services can be large or small, but they are instrumental in the upkeep of a tenant’s space.

Every real estate space has different needs; thus, your facility manager will offer certain services based on which are necessary for your property. At CTG Real Estate Services, our building facility management plans usually include:

  • Critical systems management
  • Janitorial and housekeeping duties
  • Maintenance and repair duties
  • Hiring service vendors, like food trucks or fitness trainers
  • Proactive/predictive maintenance
  • Catering and hospitality services
  • Business support services
  • Environment, health and safety issues
  • Security services
  • And more

Here at CTG Real Estate Services, our team specializes in two different types of facility management: residential and commercial.

Residential Real Estate and Facility Management with CTG Real Estate Services

Residential real estate facilities management can seem overwhelming but, in many ways, it’s the same as any other kind of facilities management. It will involve all the necessary steps to keep your property running smoothly and keep your residents safe and happy in their homes.

Our CEO and founder Chris Gardner is well-versed in all areas of residential real estate, including facility management in real estate designated for residential purposes. In addition to all the other services he offers as part of his turnkey solutions, he is ready to get the day-to-day responsibilities of your property running smoothly and efficiently.

Our residential real estate and facilities management services will include all of the steps mentioned above, as well as some specific processes to maximize your space’s productivity and your residents’ living satisfaction. These can include:

  • Implementing sustainability processes and other energy-saving initiatives for your residents’ spaces
  • Ensuring evacuation plans are up-to-date and efficiently designed
  • Designing environmentally friendly waste-management services for growing residential populations
  • Screening and hiring of on-site property and complex managers to resolve tenants’ issues on a 24-hour basis
  • Locating of multifamily real estate properties, if desired

As with any other kind of building facilities management, CTG Real Estate Services will work closely with property managers to ensure plans are made and vendors are hired that meet their budget and service desires. Chris Gardner can also provide more long-term services, such as capital planning, to ensure the future success of your residential property.

Corporate Facilities Management with CTG Real Estate Services

Sometimes, clients aren’t looking for complete building facilities management solutions. Instead, they may simply be the manager of a smaller space within a commercial real estate property. Often, they are a business or office manager looking for smaller-scale corporate facilities management.

In many ways, the services involved in facilities management of an office are the same as those of a building. However, before you hire a corporate facilities manager, it’s important you speak with your building facilities manager (if there is one) to identify exactly what services you need. You may find out that there is already commercial property facilities management in place that can serve the needs of your organization or business.

If not, CTG Real Estate Services is happy to help. Our experienced team can help you identify the most pressing needs for your space and organization, and then create a facilities management plan to address them. Chris Gardner has worked with many commercial property owners and corporate business managers in his more than 20 years of experience.

In addition to the general tasks of building facilities management, Chris Gardner can offer these services as your corporate facilities manager:

  • Managing office systems such as IT and office equipment
  • Commercial and office space design
  • Office relocation management (if needed)
  • Creating long-term facility and capital plans, taking into account sustainability programs and emergency and disaster preparedness, among other responsibilities
  • And more

Whether you are looking for residential real estate facility management or corporate facilities management, know that CTG Real Estate Services will work hard to create the best facility plan for your needs and space. You will be a partner in the facility management process; we make a promise to be transparent and include you in every important decision along the way. When you work with our company, your needs will always come before the bottom line.

Interested in what your building facilities management plan will look like? Schedule a consult with our team today to get started.

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