Why You Need Facilities Management Services for Your Real Estate Space

How do you keep a property running properly when there are so many moving parts involved? And how do you do this on top of managing your business operations within the space?

You don’t have to.

Facilities management services exist to handle these responsibilities. Don’t worry about the day-to-day management of your facility; let a professional do it for you.

But, how do you choose professional facilities management companies? First, understand exactly what facilities management is and why it’s crucial for your business’ success.

CTG Real Estate Services can always answer your questions when you contact our team, but you’ll also find facilities management information below to help you learn more.

What is Facilities Management in Real Estate?

Often, people ask, “What is facility management, and how does it apply to my real estate purchase or lease?”

In short, facility management services include all of your responsibilities as a building owner or tenant. Think of the services, maintenance and repairs necessary to keep your new space running day-to-day after you move in.

While the scope of each space’s facility management will vary, a facilities manager typically oversees both the interior and exterior of a real estate property. They will often manage the maintenance of landscaping, parking lots, exterior lights, and other common areas. In addition, they are responsible for the upkeep of the tenant’s space.

These professional services can include:

  • Critical systems management
  • Janitorial and housekeeping duties
  • Maintenance and repair duties
  • Hiring service vendors, like food trucks or fitness trainers
  • Proactive/predictive maintenance
  • Catering and hospitality services
  • Business support services
  • Environment, health and safety issues
  • Security services

Before hiring professional facilities management services, owners and tenants should be aware of their personal responsibilities and the extent of services they will need. Strategic facility management can only be done once a professional fully understands the property he or she will be responsible for.

A good facilities management strategy (and a good facilities management professional) will also take long-term plans into account when creating a plan for your office. This will include everything from sustainability programs to emergency and disaster preparedness. You may consider hiring the same professional for your short-term and long-term facilities management needs.

CTG Real Estate Services can complete both for you.

Why is Facilities Management Important?

There are many responsibilities involved in successfully running a real estate space, whether it’s a commercial office or a multifamily property. Oftentimes, trying to handle all of these responsibilities on your own — as well as managing the day-to-day of your organization within the space — will cost you a great deal of time, money and energy.

One of the benefits of facility management services is that these responsibilities are taken care of by professionals experienced in this process. By hiring a professional for your facility management and development, you can be sure that all necessary aspects of day-to-day management are handled.

Facilities management professionals will also protect your business from costly failures, such as when critical systems fail. The facilities management process will create a safe working environment, reduce your energy output costs, and make all business functions within your space run smoothly and efficiently. With this professional, you will be able to focus on the productivity of your business — not whether your critical systems can get you to where you need to be on any given day.

Don’t stress about obtaining proper facilities management services for your real estate space; let CTG Real Estate Services show you the importance of facilities management services done right.

Why Should CTG Real Estate Services Serve as My Facilities Management Consultant?

As mentioned, it can be extremely beneficial for tenants and building owners to hire the same professional for their short-term and long-term facilities management needs. CTG Real Estate can provide those services.

But CTG Real Estate Services offers more than just facility management solutions — we offer all the services you need for your commercial or multifamily real estate property, from start to finish. We call these our turnkey real estate solutions.

While we can certainly offer facilities management services alone, we can assist tenants and owners with these services, as well:

Our team’s professional knowledge of all of these services better informs our particular facility development and management strategies for your property. We will take all of these into account when creating a plan that meets your goals and needs and, if needed, help you complete any additional services you require.

Our CEO and founder Chris Gardner has more than 20 years of experience in real estate management and, when you hire him, he will create a close partnership with you through every step of the process. Your needs will always come before the bottom line, and our facilities management consulting will help you get your space to where it needs to be.

Want to learn more about facility management with our team? Schedule a consult with us today.

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