The 5 Steps of the Construction Process for Your Property

Whatever kind of renovation or construction you’re planning for your real estate property, you know you have a complicated path ahead of you. What if you’ve never completed this kind of project before? How do you even know where to begin?

CTG Real Estate Services is here to help — by guiding you through your upcoming residential or commercial construction process from start to finish.

Every construction process in the real estate world is unique. But, there are a few common steps involved no matter what kind of construction project you have ahead of you. If you’re new to this kind of project, you may have no idea what to expect in the weeks and months ahead.

With CTG Real Estate Services by your side, you can expect professional guidance and support to achieve your renovation goals and dreams.

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5 Construction Project Phases for Real Estate Developments

Maybe you’re not sure which construction management company is right for you. That’s completely understandable — especially if you are not 100 percent sure what the construction management process entails in the first place. We are firm believers in transparency in our services, which is why we’ve laid out what our construction project management process typically looks like below.

Give us a call when you’re ready to start your renovation project; otherwise, learn a bit more about the different construction project phases awaiting you.

Step 1: Selecting a Construction Project Manager

After you and your property team have decided that a renovation or construction project is needed, the first step will always be to select a construction project manager. There’s a lot that goes into the construction project management process, so it’s important to have an experienced professional by your side from the very beginning.

A construction project manager will be able to identify what stages of construction management will be key to your project — and provide the expertise to guide you through them with professionalism and efficiency. When a construction manager is involved from the very start of your project, he or she will have more in-depth knowledge and better be able to serve you than if they came along after your ideas were fully formed.

CTG Real Estate Services is happy to serve as your construction project management company. We can answer any questions you have and, when you’re ready, start creating a construction process plan that best fits your needs and desires.

Step 2: Creating a Plan for Your Design and Construction Process

Once a construction project manager has been hired, the planning of the design and construction process can begin.

First, the manager will identify what the property owner or tenant is aiming for with their renovation project. The manager will ask you about:

  • Budget
  • Timeframes
  • Goals for the space and renovation
  • Uses and purposes for the space

Once a manager knows more about what the end goal of the construction process is, he will reach out to his network of construction professionals to find a suitable architect (that is, if you have not yet hired one). An architect will assess the feasibility of your goals, taking into account the regulation and codes of the real estate space, number of rooms, size of the property and more. From there, the architect will create designs or sketches that meet your needs.

The construction manager will create a project plan based on these sketches, detailing aspects such as:

  • Activities and tasks required in the construction project process
  • Dependencies
  • Expected timeframes and budgets
  • Quality targets, assurances and control measures
  • Necessary equipment and materials
  • Risk management procedures
  • And more

Once this project plan is complete, your construction manager will be able to move onto the next construction project management steps.

Step 3: Hiring Necessary Contractors and Professionals

A construction management process requires more than just an architect and a constructor manager. It requires the people who will actually be completing the work detailed in the project plan.

This is perhaps one of the most important stages of construction management. The professionals that you choose will play an integral role in how your construction or renovation proceeds. Fortunately, construction managers such as our CEO and founder Chris Gardner have a wide network of trusted professionals to choose from.

Chris Gardner and his team will guide you through every step of hiring the right contractors for you — by completing RFPs, negotiating bids and contracts, and overseeing their work through the whole process. Most construction projects require a general contractor, as well as additional professionals (such as a contract administrator, engineer, superintendent and more) to achieve renovation goals.

This hiring process will also include the search for and procurement of the required equipment, materials and labor to start and eventually complete the construction workflow.

Step 4: Managing the Build-Out Process

Once all the professionals have been hired and the plans set in stone, the actual construction process can begin!

First, your construction manager will help prepare your contractors for the build-out process. This commonly includes preparing the site by:

  • Conducting site examinations
  • Testing soil
  • Identifying any possible unexpected situations
  • Setting up temporary storage facilities
  • Securing the site
  • Developing a materials and handling plan
  • Establishing safety programs
  • And more

When all these requirements are met, the physical building and renovation will begin. Your construction management professional will continually monitor the progress and make appropriate adjustments to the process, on an as-needed basis. After status reports have been reviewed for quality by your construction manager, they will be delivered for your review and informational purposes.

Step 5: Finalizing the Construction Project Process

Once the build-out of your space is completed, there are a few additional stages of construction management that must be met before your property is move-in ready. At CTG Real Estate Services, we are very serious about these steps. We want your property to be fully renovated and safe and for it to meet your expectations well before you begin the move-in process.

This process will involve:

  • Testing the systems and equipment to ensure everything is working correctly
  • Training the personnel who will manage the real estate space from here on out in the operation and maintenance of any new systems implemented
  • Completing any remaining contractual obligations to finish the project
  • Terminating supplier contracts
  • And more

Upon completion of your real estate design and construction process, we will provide you with a project completion report. But, our services don’t have to end after the construction process is complete. Thanks to our unique turnkey solutions, we can guide you through the additional steps ahead, such as facility and maintenance management, capital planning, and more. We are here to ensure the future success of your real estate space in accordance with your goals and desires — even after the stages of construction management are complete.

Want to learn more about our construction management process and how we can guide you through the journey ahead? Schedule a consult with our team of experts today.

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