What is Commercial Real Estate Development?

How CTG Real Estate Services Can Guide You

Locating and leasing a space is only the first step to creating the perfect commercial real estate property for your goals. Commercial real estate development is the next one.

Rarely do commercial real estate spaces come exactly how owners and tenants desire. Each organization has its own goals and an ideal layout for productivity. What works for one tenant won’t work for another, which is why the commercial real estate development process is so important to creating the best space for you.

However, this process can be confusing. If you’re wondering how to develop commercial real estate properties into the spaces you want, let CTG Real Estate Services help.

What Does Developing Commercial Real Estate Entail?

Whether you are a prospective owner or lessee of a commercial real estate space, you need to know the important steps to take after your contract is signed. What design do you need to ensure maximum productivity? How will you get there? What commercial real estate development companies will you hire to help you?

There are many moving parts involved in successfully renovating and building commercial real estate to a tenant’s specifications. The top commercial real estate developers will handle every aspect of that development process and work closely with tenants to build the space they desire. Handling your commercial real estate development on your own, on the other hand, can quickly become time-consuming and expensive without professional experience.

Each process of developing commercial real estate will be slightly different based on the space and the tenant’s specifications. At CTG Real Estate Services, our professionals will create the plan that’s best for your needs.

Our commercial real estate development services include:

  • Contracting and Hiring of Vendors:

Developing commercial real estate requires many different vendors: architects, construction companies, interior designers, facility managers and more.  Don’t stress about finding the perfect ones for you; let our professionals refer you to trusted vendors and guide you through the process of hiring them.

Our team will help you complete requests for proposals for any outside services you need. We will also help you evaluate the possibilities and choose the one that is best for your project. Once your professionals are hired, we can manage them through the completion of your development process.

  • Space Design, Including Finding Furniture and Equipment:

As a part of your vendor selection process, you will need to choose interior designers and furniture suppliers. First, however, you must determine what your space needs to look like.

Our team will sit down with you to discuss the best design for your office based on how your employees work. This is known as office programming. Will your team want open, cooperative desk spaces or traditional offices? Will there be a communal event space you all utilize, or is your space best utilized with smaller conference rooms?

We will work with a commercial space designer to create a floorplan that meets your individual needs and allows for the most productivity and highest return on investment for your organization.

  • Build-Out of Space

Once the plans are all set in place, the most important part of commercial real estate development begins: the construction process. Our CEO and founder Chris Gardner has years of experience overseeing the buildout of new commercial spaces, both his own and those of his clients. He will help you hire an appropriate construction company to complete the work on time and according to your budget. Let his professional experience make this process as easy as possible for you.

  •  Move Management Planning:

In order to safely and effectively move into a new commercial office space, proper preparation must be done. You must evaluate how you will keep your business operational during the move process, find appropriate professionals to handle the move and more. This is where a commercial real estate developer like CTG Real Estate Services comes in.

A professional with knowledge of the new space — and how it differs from your current space — can best manage your relocation process. They can manage your move-in process based on what works best for your business. Moving in general is a headache; moving an established office can be even more so. Save yourself the stress with a professional like CTG Real Estate Services.

  • Decommissioning Old Spaces:

The decommissioning of your old space will go hand-in-hand with your move into a new space. Many tenants choose to hire the same professional for both services.

This process returns your old space to the terms of your lease agreement. Your professional will manage the removal of extra furniture, any repairs that need to be done and any final cleaning requirements of your lease.

Clearly, there are a lot of steps required in the commercial real estate development process — but they may not all be necessary with your space. Commercial real estate developers like CTG Real Estate Services will work with you to create a customized plan that works best for your needs.

Why Hire CTG Real Estate Services as Your Commercial Real Estate Developer?

There’s one big reason why real estate owners and tenants hire CTG Real Estate Services as their commercial real estate developer: scope of services.

Unlike other real estate development companies, CTG Real Estate Services can guide you through every step of your process — not only through developing your commercial real estate but also helping you find the perfect space and putting systems in place to ensure continued success and productivity. We work to create a genuine, long-lasting relationship with all of our clients. Your needs and goals will always come first with our company.

Combine that with Chris Gardner’s vast network of sellers and vendors and more than 20 years of experience in the business, and you know you will be in good hands with CTG Real Estate Services. Our unique turnkey real estate solutions mean every service you need will be professionally handled.

Curious? Need someone to handle your commercial real estate development process? Schedule a consult with our experts today to learn more.

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