The Turnkey Real Estate Definition: Why It’s So Complicated

If you’re thinking about investing in the real estate industry, you’ve probably done some basic research about the options available to you. Along the way, you have probably come across one term more than any others: Turnkey realty.

Turnkey real estate is often marketed as the easiest way for new investors to get into the real estate industry. It’s a buzzword used by professionals to attract attention to properties, and it gets a lot of focus from hands-off investors in particular.

But, with all the talk about how profitable this industry can be, there is often still a great deal of confusion about what exactly turnkey real estate is — and whether a turnkey real estate definition really exists. If you’re wondering about this yourself, don’t worry — we’re here to help clear up the confusion.

CTG Real Estate Services specializes in turnkey real estate, and we are happy to answer any of your questions about this real estate industry, including whether it is right for you. To talk to our real estate experts, please schedule a consultation today. In the meantime, you can learn about the basics of turnkey realty below.

What is the Turnkey Real Estate “Definition”?

“Turnkey realty” is a term used by many real estate professionals, so one would assume that there is a given standard for the phrase. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. When it comes to turnkey realty, many professionals have different ideas of exactly what this means.

For this reason, the best way to find out exactly what turnkey real estate means with a certain professional is to ask. That way, they can answer your questions about this kind of service and help you better understand whether their services meet your needs.

We’ll be honest: In reality, there is no turnkey real estate “definition.” It’s a term that’s constantly changing in the real estate industry based on the ideals of the realtor, the client and any other professionals involved.

For some people, turnkey realty simply means a renovated space that is move-in ready for tenants. For others, turnkey realty is an entire process — the initial search for a space, renovation to fit the owner’s and tenants’ needs, property and facilities management and more. CTG Real Estate Services adheres to this form of thinking.

For us, turnkey real estate is every service necessary in the journey of real estate investing. It means supporting our clients from start to finish as they go through this process, as well as being there for them when their purchase is finalized and management has begun. When you contact our team of professionals, we will make super clear what our turnkey real estate definition is — and exactly how we can guide you through your personal real estate investing journey.

We understand how big a decision investing in real estate is, whether you’re choosing commercial or residential properties. That’s why we will make sure your turnkey real estate definition is the same as our turnkey real estate definition — to ensure we are both on the same page before moving forward with a set of services that best suits you and your real estate goals.

Why is Turnkey Realty So Popular?

When some investors learn about the ambiguity of the term “turnkey realty,” they can be confused and even frustrated about the term’s pervasiveness in the real estate industry. Why do so many professionals continue to use this term when, in most cases, it doesn’t represent anything beyond what a real estate professional “should” do in the first place?

Unfortunately, it’s because of the ambiguity of a turnkey definition in real estate that the term is so popular among real estate professionals. As mentioned above, it is a catchy buzzword when it comes to selling real estate services.

But, when the turnkey real estate definition is similar to the approach that CTG Real Estate Services takes, it’s obvious why professionals continue to use it to draw in investors and other real estate clientele.

When tackled with the right mindset, turnkey real estate is a very popular method of investing, because:

  • It allows investors the peace of mind in knowing every step is taken care of.
  • Working with one manager from start to finish provides a knowledge of the property otherwise not had by third parties.
  • Purchasing a property that is truly turnkey means an investor starts generating profits with little to no refurbishment.
  • It allows investors with interest in the real estate industry to enter into the field without devoting time to property renovation or management and other maintenance.
  • Investors can invest in real estate markets far away from their own home base, knowing that managers are taking care of the daily necessities.
  • It’s the simplest way of entering in and generating profits from the real estate industry, with the trust that an experienced professional is taking care of the necessary steps for you.

So, you can see how turnkey realty is such a popular term among real estate professionals, even when the turnkey real estate definition itself is a bit vague. That’s why it’s so important to understand exactly what your real estate professionals mean when they use this term — so that you know exactly what to expect when you hire their services.

Want to learn more about our turnkey real estate definition means at our real estate company? Schedule a consultation with the team at CTG Real Estate Services today.

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