At CTG Real Estate Services, we specialize in offering quality turnkey real estate solutions for our clients to give them the results they desire. But, often we get asked, “What is a turnkey solution, and what will it mean for me?” We are always happy to explain the details of our turnkey solutions when you schedule a consultation with our CEO and founder Chris Gardner, but we’ve also broken down the unique services we offer below. Consider this your introduction to what CTG Real Estate Services is all about.

What Does Turnkey Mean?

The term “turnkey” can apply to many different things, and the turnkey meaning in each of these industries can be slightly different. We’ll start with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of turnkey: Turnkey: built, supplied, or installed complete and ready to operate A turnkey product can be anything from a computer system to an operating plant to a contract to a vendor. But what we’re interested in — and what many of our clients are interested in — is turnkey realty.

What Does Turnkey Mean in Real Estate?

So, what is turnkey real estate, exactly? As you might have guessed, turnkey real estate is any building — whether it’s a commercial space, multifamily housing, or single-family housing — that is move-in ready for prospective buyers. Rather than having to undergo all the steps involved in preparing a space and organizing its management, those who purchase turnkey real estate can immediately move in or rent out a fully renovated space that meets their needs. Turnkey properties are typically properties graded class B+ to A, meaning there are no real upgrades needed for improvement. These properties are not “value-add” properties. Because the space is operating as normal, buyers can easily take over the management of the facility and continue running it as is. But, what if you are interested in “value-add” properties — those that aren’t classified yet as turnkey? You know you will need all the services required to create a functional real estate space (whether it’s commercial or multifamily), but how do you get your property there? CTG Real Estate Services can help.

Our Approach to Turnkey Realty

Our professionals at CTG Real Estate Services can help clients interested in both sides of the turnkey real estate industry: those looking for fully renovated, turnkey realty spaces, and those looking for the services to transform their new or old space into a turnkey property. Whether you are looking for new turnkey commercial real estate or turnkey multifamily real estate, Chris Gardner can help you locate the space you need. After you identify your asset criteria, Chris will work closely with you to find spaces that meet your desires for:
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Cost
  • Building class
  • And more
He will walk you through every step of locating turnkey realty that meets your expectations, from connecting you to his wealth of contacts to finalizing the sale contract with an appropriate real estate attorney. On the other hand, the majority of CTG Real Estate Service’s clients are those searching for turnkey real estate solutions. Knowing about the unique turnkey solutions our company offers, prospective buyers contact Chris Gardner to help them find a space and add the value it needs to bring in the revenue and productivity they desire. Unlike other real estate companies, CTG Real Estate Services can walk its clients through every step of this turnkey property process. Our job isn’t finished once a sale is complete; Chris and his team can offer their unique experience to create a management plan that works for you. We’ll provide all the services to transform your value-add property into a property that fits your needs and wants. CTG Real Estate offers these expansive services as part of our real estate turnkey solutions: So, why do buyers choose to transform properties through our turnkey solutions rather than buy already-developed, turnkey real estate? Our turnkey solutions provide the opportunity to take low-class properties and turn a profit in the world of multifamily real estate. The more modern and upgraded a property is, the higher the rent a property manager can charge. In turnkey commercial real estate, purchasing a low-class property and working with our company allows buyers to create the exact space they want. At CTG Real Estate Services, it’s our mission to help you bring your commercial project from concept to completion while executing your vision and exceeding your expectations. Whichever turnkey real estate services you need, Chris can help create an individualized plan for you. His personal experience on the owner side of the turnkey realty business sets him apart from other consultants and brokers; he’s been where you are, and he can help you build out and manage a space in the manner that’s best for you. To learn more about our real estate turnkey solutions, schedule a consult with us today.
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