How to Find the Perfect Commercial Real Estate Lease for You

Looking for commercial real estate for rent for your office? You’ve come to the right place. CTG Real Estate Services specializes in helping businesses like yours locate a commercial real estate rental and boost your employees’ productivity in a new space. We’ve helped hundreds of clients through this process, and we can help you, too.

Finding a commercial real estate lease is about more than just finding a space. If you’re new to this process, you may not know what to expect. But, when you stick with CTG Real Estate Services, you can know all of that will be handled professionally and effectively.

Below, find some critical information for understanding commercial real estate leases and finding the right one for you. When you are ready to begin your search process, please contact our professionals.

The Different Forms of Commercial Real Estate Leases

Before you begin looking for a commercial real estate rent lease — not to mention signing one — you need to understand the different kinds of leases available to you. Different commercial real estate leases require different responsibilities from tenants, which an unsuspecting person may not expect.

Commercial real estate lease terms come in three main forms: full-service leases, net leases and modified grow leases. You will likely choose one of these kinds of leases:

  • A single-net lease, in which the tenant is typically responsible for paying property taxes only to include common area maintenance charges (CAM)
  • A double-net lease, in which the tenant is typically responsible for paying property taxes and insurance only to include CAM
  • A triple-net lease, in which the tenant is typically responsible for paying property taxes, insurance and maintenance to include CAM
  • A gross or “full-service” lease, in which the tenant is typically responsible only for rent, and the landlord pays for the building’s property taxes, insurance and maintenance to include CAM

When business owners move from one kind of lease to another, they may not anticipate the different overhead costs and responsibilities involved. Having an experienced real estate company by your side can protect you from those unexpected costs.

How to Lease Commercial Real Estate

Leasing commercial real estate can be a complicated process. You want the office space that is best for your business, but how do you find the right building among the hundreds or even thousands of options available to you?

A real estate leasing agent, like those at CTG Real Estate Services, can be instrumental in guiding you through this process. There are three important aspects involved:

1. Know Your Business.

You are the expert in your business — which means you are also the expert in what kind of space your employees will need for maximum productivity. It seems like a no-brainer, but you will need to take many different aspects into consideration before finding the space that is right for your company.

If you are searching for a commercial office space, know what location you need, as well as any local amenities you will need. If you are searching for a retail space, research traffic patterns and traffic counts to ensure future customers are traveling by the spaces you are seeking.

You will also need to know how your employees work. The amount of square footage and the design of your space  will be determined by this aspect. Finding a new lease is a great opportunity to redesign for productivity, but this can only be done with an integral understanding of what works and doesn’t work in your current space. CTG Real Estate Services can assist in this office programming process. From there, we will determine your necessary square footage.

2. Know How Commercial Real Estate Rental Works.

Finding commercial real estate for rent involves so much more than locating a space. Too many of the clients that approach CTG Real Estate Services don’t understand all of the intricate details of leasing and moving into a new space. Before you take this step for your business, you should recognize what it will require of you.

Rarely are spaces move-in ready for a particular business’s needs. The construction of this space cannot be an afterthought; it must be anticipated during the process of searching for commercial real estate rentals. A landlord will need to approve the plans of a tenant, and that tenant must hire professional architects, general contractors and more to meet their space goals. All of that requires money, legal permits and insurance.

These costs will need to be anticipated in your overall budget. Moving into a modern, more productive space will likely cost you more than what you have budgeted for a real estate commercial lease by itself. Signing a double- or triple-net lease will be even more expensive.

3. Know What You Need.

Tenants cannot start searching for commercial real estate for lease until they understand exactly what they need. This requirement overlaps with the first; in order to know what you need, you will need to know your business inside and out.

Real estate professionals like CTG Real Estate Services can help you identify what your new commercial space will require. Typically, these aspects include:

  • Location
  • Property type and zoning
  • Desired budget
  • Availability for renovation and future changes
  • Desired amenities, around and inside the commercial space
  • Type and length of lease

Why Work with CTG Real Estate Services?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the process of finding commercial real estate to rent, which is why a professional real estate company can be so helpful. Not every company can provide the services you need from start to finish, but CTG Real Estate Services can.

While other real estate companies’ services will end after a lease is finalized and signed, CTG Real Estate Services can assist with all the other services of preparing, moving into and managing commercial real estate space. We call these our “turnkey solutions.”

Our CEO and founder, Chris Gardner, has helped many businesses locate and move into their new commercial spaces, and he’s been in your shoes as a business owner, too. In addition to identifying and locating the perfect space for your goals, he can also build out and manage the space in a way that meets your productivity needs.

Know that tenants who choose to find commercial real estate for lease on their own must take on the responsibility and extra costs of not only making sure a space is right for them but also preparing for the steps after their lease is signed.

Make these processes easy on yourself. Contact CTG Real Estate Services instead.

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