Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Company that’s Right for You

Whether you’re planning to invest, buy or lease a commercial real estate space, there is a great deal of complicated steps involved. Fortunately, there are many commercial real estate companies willing to guide you through your commercial real estate journey.

But, with so many commercial real estate firms to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? Why do you even need a commercial real estate company in the first place?

Contacting CTG Real Estate Services can make this decision easy for you. Our professionals are available to answer any questions you have about your personal real estate goals and needs and explain how our company can help. We’re more than a commercial real estate group that just helps you find a space; we pride ourselves in being a commercial real estate services company that will guide you from start to finish, even after your lease is signed.

Why Work with a Commercial Real Estate Company?

The benefits of a commercial real estate firm are valuable to both first-timers in the commercial real estate industry and tenants and owners experienced in the process of finding commercial real estate spaces and leases. Each commercial real estate transaction is unique — and so are the potential complexities and issues associated with it.

Commercial real estate agencies take the unknown out of these journeys. These professionals know how to best find appropriate spaces, negotiate deals and meet your goals and needs. They also have an outreach and network that few tenants and business owners themselves have. What does this mean for you? It translates to more opportunities for real estate spaces, as well as more contacts to help you obtain the services you need after a lease is finalized.

Oftentimes, business owners and prospective investors don’t have the time to effectively manage all the moving parts of finding a space, negotiating a lease and ensuring a successful move-in. To save themselves time, money and peace of mind, they choose to hire the experts at a commercial real estate agency.

How Do You Choose a Commercial Real Estate Company?

Because there are so many commercial real estate groups out there, no one would fault a prospective tenant or buyer for not knowing which one to pick. Often, it all comes down to exactly which services you want from your agent.

The vast majority of commercial real estate companies focus on the buying and leasing aspect of the process. They help clients identify the kinds of spaces they are looking for, locate those spaces and guide their clients through the process of signing the lease. If those are the only services you desire from your commercial real estate firm, many of the top commercial real estate companies in the U.S. will meet your expectations.

But, what if you want more from your commercial real estate consulting firm?

You don’t have to be left on your own after your lease is signed. When you choose CTG Real Estate Services, your real estate professional will see your process through to the very end.

Why Work with CTG Real Estate Services?

At CTG Real Estate Services, we go above and beyond simply helping you locate a new space and sign a lease or sale contract. Our unique turnkey solutions help you prepare for and manage your move-in, as well as the day-to-day and long-term operations you need to make your new location and your business thrive.

Working with our commercial real estate company gives you access to professional guidance for:

Our CEO and founder, Chris Gardner, is a national real estate consultant, offering the personalized experience of a business owner who has gone through all these steps for his own spaces. He can handle your process with care from start to finish, as well.

CTG Real Estate Services has a large and always-growing network of the professionals needed in establishing a new commercial real estate space, from general contractors to architects to designers. And now, our commercial real estate company can offer more prospective commercial spaces to clients, thanks to a new partnership with financial lenders across the country.

When you work with CTG Real Estate Services, you will not only have access to all the real estate properties currently on-market but also those off-market — including those owned by national financial lenders and on the verge of default. All of our clients have the ability to access these properties before they hit the real estate market for a cheaper price and with less competition. Thousands of untapped commercial real estate properties are awaiting you with CTG Real Estate Services.

We may not be one of the biggest commercial real estate companies, but our smaller size brings a personal touch and a direct partnership you won’t get anywhere else. At CTG Real Estate Services, we care; we will always put your needs ahead of the bottom line, take the time to get to know you, and create a long-lasting partnership that you will be satisfied with.

Curious? Learn more by scheduling a consult with our real estate professionals today.

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