CTG Real Estate Services is committed to providing excellent, turn key real estate services by combining multi-faceted experience with a personal touch. Our aim is to help clients find, build, and manage space that will bring satisfaction to owners, employees, and customers, as well as be more efficient and profitable in the space they use.


 Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Commercial transaction agent and consultant for leasing or sale of commercial properties on both listing and acquisition sides. Service is available nationwide.  Work with commercial office space, retail strip centers, and hotels. Learn more here.

 Multi-Family Buyer Representation and Consulting

Represent and consult with multi-family buyers from finding off-market and marketed locations nationwide through closing on the property.  Additional services include property management, help with the due diligence period, inspections, and capital planning for value add properties. Learn more here.

 Commercial Construction Project Management

Work with clients through RFP and contracting of architects, space design, RFP and contracting of General Contractors, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment contracts and consultation, management of General contractor and other vendors throughout build out of space, move management planning and contracting, and decommissioning of existing space. Learn more here.

 Facilities Management Consultant

Complete facilities management services from day to day management of facilities, facilities planning, putting together facilities management plans, software consulting for CMMS, project management, and FM, including all other facilities management services and responsibilities. Learn more here.

 Vendor Selection & Contracting

I work with clients to RFP and contract with all vendors to meet the needs of their day to day facilities operations. Learn more here.

 RFP & Contract Negotiation

I work with clients to RFP and contract with all appropriate vendors needed to conduct a real estate transaction, accomplish a project, or to accomplish a larger facilities related program.

 Relocation Management

I offer relocation management services and can handle all aspects of a relocation such as move management and decommissioning of an existing location. Learn more here.

 Strategic Facilities Planning

I work with clients on their long term strategic plans for the facilities and real estate portfolio. Learn more here.

 Maintenance Management

I work with clients to find room for improvement in their maintenance management plan (PM, CM, and predictive maintenance), work to put capital programs in place to address maintenance needs, identify cost saving measures and programs, consult on CMMS software, and provide a wide range of maintenance consulting services. Learn more here.

 Space Design

I have access to space designers across the country that I can bring in to work with myself and a client to design a space based on how the client and their employees work and how their business operates.  This allows for the most productivity and highest ROI from a design perspective. Learn more here.

 Capital Planning

Work with clients on short term and long term capital planning for their real estate and facilities portfolio. Learn more here.

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