Ensuring Your Commercial Project Is Up To Code

Are you a small business owner looking to upgrade your current workspace design or to relocate into a larger space? Did you know that by hiring a project manager to handle all your project needs can save you a great deal of money in the long run?

Hiring a project manager to handle all your project needs will help to ensure that the project is done on time and that the project is up to code.  These types of violations can cost you, the owner, a great deal of money.  Making sure that your building is up to code is extremely important prior to having any type of building inspection.

In the video below, there are specific tips as to why hiring a project manager is crucial.

After watching this video, you have learned several of the violations that can be costly to remediate, i.e. you can’t have wiring of any kind, such as Cat5, coax, etc., lying on top of the sprinkler.  By hiring a project manager, these issues can be avoided.

Hiring A Project Manager Is Smart Business

What else can a project manager provide other than ensuring that your building is up to code?

Here are just a couple things that I can provide as a project manager:

  • Cut overhead expenses, i.e. utility expenses. If you look at a company’s balance sheet, utility expenses are usually among the highest. As a project manager, I will find ways to lower your overhead expenses.
  • Perform monthly routine checkups on all building equipment. Performing monthly checkups ensures that all your building’s equipment is working properly and efficiently, which can prevent any major accidents from occurring that could have the potential to shut your business down. Having to close your business due to equipment malfunction or equipment inefficiency results in lost revenue. Hiring a project manager that can perform monthly inspections will prevent lost revenue.

Want more information about the services I can provide as a project manager? Click here to review all of the services I can provide your business.

How Does Your Business Handle Project Management?

I’d like to hear from you. Does your company currently have a full time project manager on staff? What value have you found in having a project manager? If you do not have a project manager, why not hire a full time person to handle all your company’s project needs?

If you have an alternative solution, I’d love to hear from you as well.

Please comment below as I always look forward to your feedback regarding commercial real estate trends.

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