Commercial Lighting: Preventing Injury In A Commercial Venue

Are you a commercial real-estate owner? If so, as a commercial real estate owner, it is important to choose your lighting very carefully, not only the type of lighting fixture, but also the lighting display.

In the video below, I make suggestions as to what commercial lighting fixtures to purchase as well as where to place each lighting fixtures display in order to prevent hazardous accidents.



After watching the video, you have learned the importance of installing lighting fixtures that are not made of glass.  If the glass on the lighting fixture breaks and an employee or customer gets cut, that is time the employee may have to take off from work in order to recover from any injury that may have occurred, something to be avoided at all cost.

Keeping your employees and customers safe should be your number 1 priority as a business owner.  In addition, also of great importance, be sure that your facility is up to code to avoid having to pay coding violation fines. The fines can add up in big dollars if you are not careful.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What system do you have in place as a commercial real-estate owner to make sure that your property is up to code and your workplace is safe?

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