Executive Bio

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”
~ Henry Mintzberg, internationally renowned academic and author on business and management.


As Project Manager / Facilities Management Consultant to exacting clientele who demand the best, Chris Gardner has a proven history of bringing a project from concept to completion, surpassing client expectations and motivating teams to execute the vision and exceed goals. With 20 years of Construction Project Management / Facilities Management Consulting experience and over $300M in commercial projects, his ever-expanding portfolio ranges from small mixed-use office space to one million+ sq. ft. projects. Chris’ services are highly-personalized and customized to the specific needs and preferences of each client. He arms his clients with unbiased, comprehensive information and all the resources needed for well-informed decision making that culminates in a successful project.

Chris’ expertise spans the full range of project management and operations functions. His greatest strength is in the application of best practices; utilizing well-honed benchmarking skills that include meticulous attention to the fundamental components of scope, time, cost, risk, quality, integration, procurement, and communication management. Chris’ diverse background affords him the ability to intimately grasp the specific needs and risks of each project, paying attention to the details while keeping the big picture in mind, and above all, maximizing economic performance.

Chris’ career took a leap forward when he launched CTG Real Estate Services in 2014. As a hands-on principal of the firm, he has earned a solid reputation for his wholistic view of the project process, from financial, aesthetic, functional, and practical viewpoints. Chris’ in-depth management skills are also defined by his ability to coordinate intricate details, logistics and people; mitigate enterprise risk; discover problems; and formulate solutions and accountability. Chris leverages his expertise to facilitate project management activities, monitor and improve performance, and capture and transmit information and knowledge. All of these components combine to ensure the quality of the project process.

Chris’ holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management from DeVry University, as well as both Project Management Professional and Facilities Management Professional certifications. He is uniquely positioned to bring an interdisciplinary understanding to all his projects. Chris provides highly-skilled project and facilities management services by rigorously monitoring and advising throughout the evolutionary processes of planning, execution and close-out phases of the project lifecycle.

Chris Gardner is a man of notable integrity, impeccable character, and keen intellect. In today’s socially networked society where reputation is all, Chris’ integrity-driven, firm but fair approach has built lasting relationships with stakeholders, as well as a reputation for achieving and exceeding mutual goals and delivering the very best value to his clients.

Chris can be reached at 816-694-4175 and he maintains a professional website at www.ctgrealestateservices.com with additional information regarding his services and credentials. You can also get information on Chris’ background here and here. Also check us out on Facebook and YouTube.

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