Meet Chris

UPDATE: Effective April 2018, Chris Gardner is the secretary of the FMCC of IFMA. The FM Consultants council supports new and existing FM consultants as they build a career around their workplace expertise. Through geographical and cross-discipline networking, best practices and small business management skills, the council empowers members to step out into the marketplace.


Chris Gardner is a Commercial & Multi-Family real estate, Facilities Management, and Project Management professional with a BS in Business and FMP and PMP designations.

Chris did not take the easiest path in life and joined the Marine Corps a year after graduating high school.  During his time in the Marines, Chris lived in Japan for a year and held many different positions throughout his time serving his country.  After leaving the Marine Corps, Chris came back home to Kansas City and started his management career and was first exposed to facilities management and commercial real estate while managing restaurants.

While managing facilities and teams in a variety of industries, Chris earned his degree and was quickly hired by Humana to serve in their corporate real estate department. He focused solely on facilities, project management, and commercial real estate.  Ever since that day, he has taken a love to the work and has never looked back, working for multiple Fortune 100 companies and starting his own company, CTG Real Estate Services.

He has also had the privilege of holding numerous positions, including President, in the Kansas City chapter of the International Facilities Management Association.  He is also a founding member of Built Environment Partners, an association of multiple organizations that serve the commercial real estate community and focuses on collaborating on educational opportunities for commercial real estate opportunities in the region.

In addition to his passion for all things real estate, Chris loves the NFL and has been an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan since he was a kid.  Chris loves to travel with his wife and kids – 4 total with 3 left at home. He is a foodie who loves trying new restaurants and a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, constantly doing some type of physical exercise, be it running, riding a bike, or weight training. Chris also spends a lot of down time on his motorcycle or in the Polaris RZR with his wife, fishing at the lake, hiking, or some other kind of family-oriented outdoor activity everyone enjoys. 

Chris uses all of his training, personal experiences and drive, along with a lot of enthusiasm about real estate, to each and every one of his clients.  Chris treats each of his clients as if they are family, looking out for their best interests, providing the best possible advice either from him or through contacts that are subject matter experts, and goes above and beyond to bring in additional services and people to meet the unique needs each client has.

When you contract with CTG Real Estate Services you get this kind of highly personalized treatment every day and a commitment to quality service that surpasses any other company.  Both Chris and anyone CTG Real Estate Services contracts bring this approach to each client and go above and beyond to assist their clients. We believe in building strong, long term relationships with our clients – the kind of relationships that result in many successful future ventures and referrals.

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