Even though the economy may be on the upswing, facility executives know that budgets for owner-occupied buildings will remain tight, while commercial real estate will more than likely face economic strains even after recovery is underway.

Why might you ask? As a Project Manager, I understand the extra pressure that the economy has put on many facility executives. They struggle to find where they will come up with the funds to pay for the extra unexpected expenses.

In today’s article, I want to highlight ten tips that can help you cut your overhead expenses and keep your business running with a positive cash flow.

1. Cut Night Site Lighting.

If you have a large facility that is occupied 24/7/365, there are alternative ideas to help cut operating expenses. Depending upon how your site lighting is operated and circuited, you can create an “economize mode” for overnight, when the site is at its lowest occupancy.

You can keep perimeter site lighting on around your property and all entrances and main driveways lit. One thing to keep in mind is making sure that the lighting close to the building and all entrance and exit doors will remain on along with any emergency fixtures lighting pathways.

In the winter with shorter daylight hours, keep in mind the timers will have to be adjusted to accommodate safety for you occupants during these months. Look for creative and sometimes simple ways to cut operating expenses.

2. Turn off Vending Machine Lights

Remove light bulbs from all vending machines as an energy-saving initiative. Put a sign on the machine stating that the light bulb has been removed to reduce electric energy consumption, but the machine is still operational.

3. Create energy zones

For example, if you have a 13,000 square foot building that uses 10 CRAC units, the room can be set up with 24- inch high raised floors. All 10 CRAC units can blow underneath to pressurize the underfloor and push air up through the floor grates and racks.

Rows of racks can be installed which will heat from row one feeding the cooling for row two etc.

4. Solar Panels

Industrial buildings are ideal for PV installations. Their roofs offer uncomplicated space with no obstruction such as skylights and chimneys, which sometimes create shading issues.

Any sized business can reduce overhead costs by installing solar PV. A company can forward buy their electricity around 5-6p per unit. This is half the cost of what the major electrical supplier currently charges. Furthermore, this price is set for the next 25 years so your business won’t be affected by any prices increases.

5. Motion Sensor Light Switches

Having LED motion sensor light technology is very energy efficient because most individuals leave lights on by mistake, which can be eliminated with motion senator light switches. LED sensor can be used anywhere, from the parking lots to the bathrooms.

LED motion sensors are very reliable because it uses body heat and wave lengths to calculate movement, hence you can be certain that this will not fail.

You can adjust the amount of sensitivity to keep it from turning on unnecessarily. The idea that a motion sensor will be activated even if the tiniest of motions is detected, is very unrealistic.

6. Energy Saving Lightbulbs

The benefits of using LED lighting within your commercial office building.

1. LED Replacement Bulbs are 30% More Efficient.

2. LED Replacement Bulbs Contain NO Mercury.

3. LED Does Not Give off UV Rays.

4. LED makes Air Conditioning More Efficient

5. LED Provides 70% More Light.

On average, LEDs use approximately one-seventh of the energy of incandescent bulbs. A LED bulb requires only 9 watts to produce the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb or a 14 watt CFL.

I hope that these 6 tips will help save more money on your operating expenses so you can spend the money in other areas that will be more beneficial to your business.

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