According to the INC 500, workplace design is an ever-changing art as much as technology is ever-changing. From the physical landscape to the color of the walls, architects and designers will never be out of work and will be continually looking to improve offices for corporate productivity.

5 Workplace Design Trends for 2017

Top office designers are forecasting several strong trends in the industry for this year.

1.  Increase in Co-Working Mentality

Startups are on the rise and more than ever before we are seeing a boom in “co-working” spaces, with landlords taking on a different role than ever before. “Landlords are beginning to break their spaces up into co-working organizational format and collect the fees for these renovations directly from the renter,” explains Keniffen, Principal at lauckgroup. “This new trend leads to higher returns, but still lends risk to the landlord of not being to fill a space to its capacity.”

As of 2017, landlords will do more than just split up space. “Co-working is not just a response to working with others; it’s the access to amenities and the ability to plug into an outside environment,” says Michael Horton and April Warner, Senior Project Managers at lauckgroup.

Being in the right location gives staff the ability to access specialized spaces, as well as an array of lifestyle amenities.

Not only are startup companies taking advantage of the new trend in co-working spaces, but big companies are getting in the game, too. “Co-working is not just an option for an individual in need of a desk, but rather a new approach to working,” says Jeff Miller, VP of Design at Poppin.

2.  Movement Toward Separate, Private Retreats

More and more offices are trending towards more open floor plans. This year alone, we will see more furniture specifically designed to offer modern workers flexibility and privacy from the distractions of the open space. We will see larger movement towards separate spaces, and the creating of areas that offer employees places to retreat from noisy workstations.

3.  Flexible Layout

With technology and the face of business changing constantly, a well-designed workplace should change to accommodate the task at hand. Developing and designing a workplace with a flexible layout is the efficient solution. Smart choices in furniture and design will make your workplace resonate with efficient functionality.

4.  Integrated Technology

Workspace that integrates with technology is one design trend on the rise. We can soon see wireless charging devices become more common in workplaces. Built in power adapters and multimedia capabilities can help in making the atmosphere more functional.

5.  Thoughtful Use Of Color

Color is a very powerful aspect of office design, and we think designers will embrace it like never before. Whether it’s using color to enhance company branding or applying color psychology to inspire and engage workers, color in the workplace will be a new focus in coming years. Thanks to new programs that make customization easier than ever before, designers can bring color into the office in new and exciting ways.

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