Choosing a new office space for your business is exciting. It’s a chance to boost employee morale, get a change of scenery, and upgrade both your image and your business. It also comes with a lot of pressure. It’s a big move financially, and everyone in your company is going to have an opinion. Rather than searching blindly, it’s important to think first about what you need to find in the perfect office space. These five factors will help you to have a game plan before you ever tour a new location.

  1. Location, Location, Location.

It’s the most famous phrase relating to real estate, but that doesn’t mean it’s at all overrated. Think about where your employees live and what kind of commute will be comfortable for them as well as for current and potential clients. It’s also important to think about the neighborhood itself. First and foremost, is it safe? Also consider options for employee lunches and happy hours. How will this location affect your company culture?

  1. Money talks.

Obviously, your budget is going to be a major factor in choosing your next office building. Choosing something on the cheaper side may mean you end up being unsatisfied and moving on again quickly, while you certainly don’t want to overextend yourself either. Bplans recommends asking yourself three questions: Can you afford to put down a deposit of three months’ rent? Are there any hidden costs, such as maintenance or parking? Is the space priced along the same lines as other offices in the area?

  1. Looks Matter.

It’s easy to overlook when considering other factors that may seem more important, but the aesthetics of your new office space are vital, too. Your space should reflect your brand, as this is going to be the image you share with employees, clients and visitors alike. Think about whether you’d like to design your own space or start with an office that’s already trendy and ready for a quick move.

  1. Health is wealth.

More often than not, employees are going to spend more time at the office than at their homes during the week. It’s important that employees are able to detox and recharge without leaving the office. This could mean common areas with coffee bars for employees to chat and build relationships, or it could mean providing them access to exercise facilities or places to walk or run at lunchtime. It’s becoming more and more popular for companies to offer free fitness classes on site, which is something to keep in mind as competitors increasingly offer this benefit.

  1. Growing pains.

It may be hard to predict, but thinking about how your workforce may grow or shrink over time is important when thinking about your space requirements. You don’t want to move into an office only to realize you need to hire more employees than you currently have room for. You also don’t want to move to a new office with plans to downsize and then realize that you’re paying for space you no longer need.

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