As a construction project manager, I often get asked: “what are the benefits of using a project manager”?

First, let me give you a deeper look into what a construction project manager is and the role I play in helping my clients manage their construction needs.

A construction project manager does the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion.

Construction projects are known for always going over budget, running over schedule, and in some cases, litigation, (which I try to avoid at all cost!)

Outsourcing your construction project management needs to an experienced professional can help you avoid all the challenging issues that can arise if your construction project isn’t managed properly.

Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a construction project manager to help manage your next project so you can rest assured that the process is a success!

1. Reduce Project Cost

My job as a construction project manager is to be proficient at creating a competitive bidding process at the beginning stages of a project. I keep a close eye on all stages of the project to ensure that no one runs over his or her contracts by remaining hands on at all times. I work within my client’s budget to achieve my client’s ultimate goals.

I have extensive knowledge of costs for building materials and can provide alternative solutions that can help the project stay on budget. My clients may find the savings they receive through my recommendations well worth the investment of hiring me as their project manager. In the end, it would have cost them more by not hiring a professional to manage their financials!

2. Focus on Running your Business.

As a construction project manager, my job is to always have the best interest of my clients first and foremost. I am committed to consulting with each one of my clients regularly throughout the construction process to make sure all of the documentation and legalities are handled properly. Consistent communication with my clients is key and serves as the central point of my business.

My primary goal is to make sure that the construction process runs smoothly, effectively, and efficiently while taking as much pressure off my clients as possible so that my clients can focus on the number one thing they do best, which is running their business, serving their clients, and getting a huge ROI!

3. Highly Specialized Experts

When running a construction project, it is in your best interest to hire an outside expert whose core competency is construction project management. Construction Project Managers such as myself, are highly specialized and educated, including things like laws, building regulations such as coding and safety regulations, and insurance requirements, etc.

When hired early in the design process, the Construction Manager can add valuable input to the layout while it is still economically feasible to make changes, which will lead to reduced change orders, as well as cost savings for my clients.

In the end, everyone wins!

As you can see from this article, hiring a professional construction project manager can save time and money!!!

If you are looking to hire a Construction Project Manager or need some more insight as to how I can help with your next Construction Project, please feel free to reach out for a FREE consultation.

I look forward to serving all your construction needs.

Chris Gardner

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